Terahertz spectroscopy with the new MPY-RS2 pyroelectric detector

Spectroscopy in the far infrared wavelength regime below 1 THz is an important tool for various applications such as thickness measurements or gas sensing.  The fast MPY-RS2 detector with HDPE window is ideally suited to measure the spectrum of CW- terahertz radiation from 100 GHz to 1.4 THz.

#terahertz #terahertz spectroscopy #water absorption #mpy-rs2 #photomixing #thz emitter
Measurement of voltage noise density with a Red Pitaya

We demonstrate the measurement of the voltage noise density in professional quality with a low-cost setup using a Red Pitaya and a simple python script.

#measurement #redpitaya #power spectral density #voltage noise density
How to attenuate laser beams in the mid-infrared

Attenuating laser beams in the mid infrared can be achieved with various approaches. We show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques.

#attenuation #laser #polarizer #waveplate #brewster's angle #beam sampler #mid-infrared
The Michelson Interferometer - A Laser Lab Alignment Guide

Interferometry is a central building block for many optics measurements and a versatile tool in the laser lab. Here we describe the general working principle and give a systematic and simple setup and alignment procedure.

#alignment #michelson interferometer #ftir #interferometry
How to align optical delay stages correctly within 5 minutes

During my experience in laser labs we encountered many different approaches of how to align a delay stage. Therefore we would like to explain how it is done easily and as accurate as possible with the stage you have.

#alignment #delay stage #laser lab