Pharmacies are legally mandated to check the composition of all medicines they prepare in-house.

We help you do this faster, safer and without the need for chemicals.

Sweeb reveals the chemical composition of a material within seconds. No lab needed.

We created a device that helps pharmacies identify raw materials for formulations by using spectroscopy instead of complex chemical procedures.

How it works

Switch on the device and let is self- reference.

Place your sample on the measurement surface. Press down powders with the clamping arm.

Record the materials fingerprint and get immediate analytics tailored to your needs.


Time saving of 80% compared to chromatography and melting point analysis.

Suitable for solids, liquids, powders and pastes without any sample preparation

Compact footprint smaller than a sheet of paper

Affordable price compared to other near- and mid-infrared spectrometers


Sweeb is driven by research and made possible by support from scientific institutions and innovation funding from Germany.

Technical Details

Sweeb is based on well-established spectroscopy in the mid-infrared spectral range. In this spectral region most materials feature a “molecular fingerprint”, which is characteristic for their chemical composition. We compare this data to a reference database and apply intelligent algorithms to provide you with a detailed report within seconds.

Sweeb meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopeia (PH.Eur.2.2.24) and is suitable for identity validation and batch preparations of formulations.

At the core of Sweeb is a highly sensitive detector for infrared radiation. This has proven useful for cutting-edge science in research laboratories around the world.