Pyrodetectors for various applications

Wide detection bandwidth, sensitive, low-noise, compact, and linear. Our infrared and terahertz detectors are optimized for use in research and development and can be easily integrated into existing optical assemblies.

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  • ✅ highly sensitive
  • ✅ compact
  • ✅ battery powered

A battery powered highly sensitive detector with broad detection bandwidth from UV to THz.

€ 749 excl. VAT
  • ✅ fast
  • ✅ compact
  • ✅ low noise

The fastest pyroelectric detector with good noise characteristics allows measurement of signals up to 5 kHz.

€ 2499 excl. VAT
  • ✅ highly sensitive
  • ✅ ultra compact
  • ✅ vacuum compatible

This detector has the smallest footprint and still provides an excellent noise performance.

€ 2099 excl. VAT

Our Team

We are a science & technology driven startup based in Hamburg, Germany with expertise in sensitive detection of terahertz and infrared radiation.
Matthias Budden - Founder

Matthias Budden


Thomas Gebert - Founder

Thomas Gebert


Nicholas Wolter - Software Development

Nicholas Wolter

Software Development

Philipp Wessels-Staarmann - Optical Engineering

Philipp Wessels-Staarmann

Optical Engineering

Abraham Alkhatib - Software Development

Abraham Alkhatib

Software Development

Martin Link - Data Analysis

Martin Link

Data Analysis


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