We make infrared radiation visible.

For research and material analysis.

Material Analysis

Mid-Infrared Spectrometer

Sweeb reveals the chemical composition of a material within seconds. No lab needed.


We build detectors that help scientists and engineers characterize infrared and terahertz light at highest precision. Our pyroelectric detectors are highly sensitive, fast and easy to integrate into optical setups.

  • ✅ low cost
  • ✅ battery powered

A battery powered highly sensitive detector with broad detection bandwidth from UV to THz.

€ 949 excl. VAT
  • ✅ fast response
  • ✅ low noise

Our fastest and most sensitive pyroelectric detector allows measurement of signals up to 100 kHz.

From € 2499 excl. VAT
  • ✅ ultra compact
  • ✅ vacuum compatible

This detector has the smallest footprint and still provides an excellent noise performance.

€ 2099 excl. VAT

Our Team

We are a science & technology driven startup based in Hamburg, Germany with expertise in sensitive detection of terahertz and infrared radiation.

Matthias Budden - Co-Founder

Matthias Budden


Thomas Gebert - Co-Founder

Thomas Gebert


Nicholas Wolter - Software Development

Nicholas Wolter

Software Development

Philipp Wessels-Staarmann - Optical Engineering

Philipp Wessels-Staarmann

Optical Engineering

Janne Lütjens - Database & Analytics

Janne Lütjens

Database & Analytics

Martin Link - Data Analysis

Martin Link

Data Analysis

Johannes Martens - Mechanical Engineering

Johannes Martens

Mechanical Engineering

Nicolas Kromm - Optical Engineering

Nicolas Kromm

Optical Engineering


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