About us

We are a team of scientists and engineers striving to develop new tools that help solve relevant problems.

Our background in research and IT helps us innovating at the frontiers of technology. We value an open source mindset and firmly believe that we can achieve more by working sustainably together for the better.
Please let us know in case you are interested to cooperate with us!

Our Story

Successfull closing of first investment round

Apr 2023

This will allow to grow our team and bring our optical technology for easy material analysis from prototype stage to market.
We are grateful to our investors Thomas Wagner, Thomas Ecker, Wolfram Drescher and Andreas Kupke for their confidence and support of our vision. You help us not only with a high six-figure amount of capital but also, and especially, with your experience, strategic guidance and knowledge on making companies successful businesses.
We are looking forward to accelerate WiredSense together.

Stay tuned! 🚀

WiredSense wins the Gründergeist startup competition 2022!

Sep 2022

A sharp focus and clear market access convinced the jury at the pitch: "We completely believe in the scalability" said Katrin Pietschmann (Fielmann Ventures GmbH) when handing the price to us (see here).

We feel honored and are enthusiastic to bring our material analysis solution to market.

Many thanks to Wirtschaftsjunioren Hamburg for organizing this competition!

WiredSense moves into the Start-up Labs Bahrenfeld

Jul 2021

Due to the direct connection to the DESY research campus and the proximity to other high-tech start-ups, the Start-up Labs are a breeding ground for creativity and innovation.
This new building offers an excellent infrastructure for the development and unbureaucratic implementation of deeptech ideas. We are thrilled!

More information: https://slb.hamburg/

Wiredsense receives InnoRampUp

Feb 2021

For our new project in the field of materials analysis we were able to gain the IFB Hamburg as an additional partner providing us with funding for our research. The financial support and guidance promotes our development activities and enables us to grow.

More information:

SPY product launch

Mar 2020

This new vacuum-compatible detector has the smallest dimensions available on the market.

New Diamond Windows

Oct 2019

We now offer optical grade diamond windows for all detectors. They have excellent broadband transmission from the UV into the THz spectral region.

MPY-RS product launch

Aug 2019

We are excited to introduce our next generation pyroelectric detector with improved performance for high speed applications. It offers the fastest response of all pyroelectric detectors on the market.

WiredSense partners with Eachwave

May 2019

Our Shanghai based partner Eachwave Scientific Instruments Co. is specialized in the fields of terahertz optics, ultrafast and traditional laser systems. We are glad to work with Eachwave supporting our customers in China with their THz applications. For more information visit www.eachwave.com

We join beyourpilot

Apr 2019

beyourpilot is a community of knowledge organisations and founding teams, experts and partners in Hamburg - and WiredSense is the first team to join.

We are grateful for this broad range of support!

More information:

New project on material analysis

Feb 2019

Nicholas and Philipp join our team for this exciting new project. Nicholas' focus is on IT & Software development while Philipp works on optics & electronics. Stay tuned for more!

MPY-01 product launch

Nov 2018

Our first pyroelectric detector is highly sensitive, broadband, compact, ...and blue!

Founding of WiredSense GmbH

Aug 2018

We initially set up the company alongside our research in laser and solid state physics. Many thanks to Andrea Cavalleri, managing director at MPSD for his continued support! 
More information:

Desy ITT supports us

Apr 2018

We are grateful for the extensive support and guidance by Desy Innovation & Technology Transfer in and beyond the founding process - Thank you very much!

If you plan on founding a startup, especially a science spin-off, go talk to them!

More information:

First prototype of pyroelectric detector

Feb 2017

Matthias and Thomas develop a first detector for broadband infrared and terahertz detection. The need for this device originates in their research at the Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter where Matthias works as a PhD student for physics and Thomas as a beamline scientist.