Release of our Small Vacuum Compatible Pyroelectric Detector SPY

After receiving several customer requests for a vacuum compatible version of the MPY-01 detector, we started to develop a small detector version that meets this requirement. The SPY shows the same performance as the MPY-01 detector while being vacuum compatible and much smaller in footprint. It is equipped with an external power supply and a vacuum feedthrough.

With the SPY, radiation measurements from the ultraviolet to the THz regime are feasible. All of our standard window-materials - including diamond for the widest transmission bandwidth - are available.

In summary, key features of the SPY are:

  • High voltage responsivity of 20mV/µW
  • Wide detection bandwidth: vacuum UV-THz range, various window materials are available to satisfy the desired detection range
  • Vacuum compatible down to 10-6 mbar
  • External low noise power supply for continous measurements
  • smallest footprint and standardized LEMO connectors for easy integration into existing setups

If you want to learn more check out the details and datasheet here.
You are more than welcome to contact us directly in case of questions, remarks and inquiries.

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